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Ebel Inc. was founded in 1988 with Anne Ebel (President) selling resin benches out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Fast forward 22 years, and you’ve got a company known and respected in the industry for providing quality outdoor products at unparalleled value.


AngstromCreative was able to produce a series of CGI location photography shots, all based out of the warehouse at Ebel’s corporate office. This drastically cut back the huge expenses normally associated with on-location photography and gave Ebel a global location presence to feature their products.

  • Design

    AngstromCreative utilized the new CGI photography and seamlessly incorporated these images with their existing collections to create an updated 2016 catalog.

  • Digital

    Having worked with Ebel from the start and creating all their product assets, we were able to seamlessly translate from the printed catalog to a digital platform, giving them a unified brand experience.