Studio Amenities

Angstrom Creative’s 18,000 square foot studio is equipped and staffed to completely handle all of our clients’ needs. Our facility is comprised of four separate studio bays and includes a 300 square foot cyclorama wall, hair & make up station, client lounge/workstation area and two dressing rooms. Our amenities are designed to not only capture your creative vision, but also make your time here productive and comfortable.

Silhouettes / Styled & Propped / Furniture / 360º Photography / Lifestyle & CGI / Food / Fashion / Apparel & Accessory / color correction / image retouching / talent & location coordination / expert photo stylists / secure on-site merchandise storage/tracking

Remote Collaboration

Using the Capture One photography preview tool as well as a network of live studio webcam feeds, our technology allows customers to be hands-on with their product shots from the comfort of their local office. By collaborating with our highly experienced creative professionals virtually and in full resolution, Angstrom Creative gives our customers more control than ever with their brand’s art direction, set design and creative input decisions.


Our Ameneties